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We Take All The Uncertainty and Risk Out of Selecting Builders.
Don't Pay Extra Margin or Get Screwed Over By Making the Wrong Decisions.

With Over 80% Of Architectural Projects Never Getting Built - Our Service Ensures That Doesn't Happen To You. 

Construction Plans

Step 1: Let's Chat About Your Project

Simply book in a call with one of our consultants to discuss your project. 

If you have existing plans we will do a quick estimate to give you an indication of what we can get the project built for.

If you don't have plans or permits, YNH can organize all the design, consultants, town-planning and pre-construction documentation for you. 

YNH specializes in tendering Custom Homes and Renovations that range from $500K - $6M.


And Residential Developments from $750K - $10M in construction value.

Architectural Modelling

Step 2: Estimate & Design

After our initial chat we will come back to you with either:

  • An estimate on what we can get your existing plans built for.

  • Or provide you with a quote to get started with design and planning.

If you already have all the required documentation and plans, move to STEP 3.

As mentioned- YNH is a one-stop-shop that can look after your entire project. From concept design to signing contracts with the right builder.

We have a team of planners, designers  and project managers that will swiftly get your project started and council approved.

Step 3: Building Tender

Once all the design and pre-construction items are done, and you've chosen your specification - We get our network of pre-qualified builders to tender for your job.

We ensure all quotes are apples for apples and that you get the best value to build - GUARANTEED.


We then help you choose which builder to go ahead with. However, the final decision is all yours! Whomever YOU choose remunerates YNH out of their margin. Simple!

Even after contracts are signed, YNH is there to help.


In case any issues arise with the builder - we are there to resolve the disputes and ensure everything goes to plan.

House with Pool

Our unique tender and cost planning process ensures that you get the best possible value on your project whilst making the entire building journey transparent and stress-free.

By working with an exclusive network of builders, whom we trust and have built for our clients before - we remove all the risks and uncertainty out of selecting the right builder for your project.


Step 1

If you don't have any design or documentation - YNH will create a concept design based on your brief and budget. This includes floor-plan, basic elevations, and external renders.

This will enable us to give you an accurate price to build your project without spending any serious money. We'll only move forward once you're happy with the design and estimated cost. 

(View example here)

If you already have existing plans and permits, or would prefer to use your own architects/drafts-people, then we go straight to the building tender (Step 4).

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Val J.

YNH was really helpful and great to work with.

They got us a great builder who was more competitive than what we were originally quoted. Most importantly our home and project were completed to a high standard. We're very pleased with the service. I'm happy for you to use me as a reference.


Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.56.44 pm.png

Kristen D.

Your Next Home has well and truly exceeded all of our expectations. The initial design process was easy, we felt very comfortable expressing our design ideas and were extremely happy with the final concept. Colin went above and beyond during the tender process, we were kept well informed and were really happy with the quotes we got.


Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.50.00 pm.png

James L.

Thank you for all your hard work guys! Our dream home is shaping up as something exciting and it is progressing very well. 

One thing we have been really happy with is that so far all the builder's and tradies have not only been experts in their craft but are really good blokesl.