At YNH, we are looking to build long term relationships with trustworthy building partners. Relationships are the most important part of our business. We are only as good as the builders we work with. So we must ensure we work with the best.


We value honesty and integrity. The company mission is to protect clients from all the typical pitfalls of building custom homes & developments.

Our standardised process ensures that clients receive easily comparable quotes from reputable builders, who can deliver their build with confidence.

We tender about $20m of custom designed projects every month. All projects are custom designed with contract values between $600,000 & $8,000,000.

Our system works best with companies looking to find high projects, increase revenue, outsource lead generation & sales teams, expand into new markets, reduce overheads and diversify their lead generation.

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Some recent projects

Plenty - $1.55m custom home
Brighton - $1.4m townhouse development
Blackrock - $2.2m boutique penthouses
Altona - $1.3m architectural custom home
Sandringham - $3.5m boutique penthouses
Blackburn - $6.5m (17no.) townhouse development w/ basement
Brighton - $1.70m Duplex w/ basement



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Head Office

366A Bridge Rd, Richmond, VIC,


Tel: + 61 422 574 661