Curating Tender Panel of 2-3 suitable candidates

  • Drawings are sent out for initial pricing

    • Spend 20-30 & put a range to it

    • Submit via

  • We will respond and let you know if it makes sense to move forward on the project.



  • We send you the full tender package containing;

    • A BOQ estimate

    • All drawings & docs

    • Inclusions schedule

    • Material schedule

    • Deadline for submission

    • Our fees on the project

  • Take 1-2 weeks to turnaround a “sales” estimate.

    • This works best when you have a sales estimating system in place, or use our estimates to work from

    • Don't reach out to subbies just yet - builders usually win about 1 in 3 or 4 tenders

  • If pricing is aligned with the original range, we will introduce you to the client in person, 

    • Sometimes required multiple meetings

    • Preferably on a live/just completed site

    • You’ll now have the chance to sell yourself/the company

    • We hold off on client introductions until now so we don’t waste your time/resources on projects that pricing does not align

  • Client select their preferred builder & you now establish direct contact with the client


Client signs a pre-contract agreement with their preferred builder

  • Client pay a 1% fee to YNH. This is split 50/50 with the builder

  • The terms of the agreement state;

    • Price must remain within 4% of tender offer

    • Builder will submit a contract offer within 4 weeks

    • If these terms are broken, the client is “entitled” to their money back

  • The builder will now;

    • Reach out to subcontractor network for quotes to lock in prices

    • Take out the insurance policy for the job

    • Spend more time/resources finalising pre-construction requirements & pre-start meetings

    • Prepare the building contract offer for signing by the client



  • Builder maintains a direct relationship with the client

  • Builder report expected service fee payment dates to YNH

  • Service fees are paid to YNH as previously agreed

  • YNH help with issue mitigations throughout the project as required by both builder/client


Repeat Stage 01