Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use YNH rather than approaching builders?

As one of Victoria's largest Building Brokers we have a huge amount of buying power and provide consistent work to our qualified network of builders. Your Next Home is GUARANTEED to save you money on the total construction cost of your new home or development project. We also ensure that you get the RIGHT builder who suits your project to a tee.

Our goal is to make the process of engaging builders:

  • Fairer
  • Less time consuming
  • Transparent
  • Safer
  • Enjoyable rather than stressful
We also ensure all the builders we get quotes from are pre-qualified, in a strong financial postion, and have past clients and similar projects to your you can see.
We provide expert advice and match you with the best builders from our network. We then go through a selection process with you and invite the top builders to meet and greet.

It is a complete role-reversal of the typical construction process: Easy, transparent, genuine, and in the customers hands. The client always wins.

How will YNH save me money?

There are 2 main reasons.

1) We are industry experts.

Builders know who we are and there is no BS when we give them a job to price. We have a unique tender process that allows us to pick up any nonsense and point it out to the builder.
We also price all the jobs internally as we have all the builders rates in a software. We're well aware of what the tenders should be coming in for before we even send it out.

Due the competitive nature of our tender process, all our builders know that they have to come in at a very good price to win the work.
2) Relationships. When you approach a builder, they look at your project as a 'once-off'. YNH tender dozens of plans at any given time to our network of builders. Therefore we instantly receive lower builder margins because we have a long-term relationship and the builders want the consistent work from us. No loss of quality or specification just straight up MONEY savings passed onto you. We're 100% certain that our process at YNH will save you money. The average amount we save on construction costs for our clients is between 5-15% compared to rates they received when going directly to a building company. We also encourage our clients to suggest their own builders to tender with our network as well. This way we prove it beyond any doubt The Best Value Builder Always Wins! Same Home - Same Spec- Same paperwork - YNH clients PAY LESS & RECEIVE MORE.

Are all the qoutes accurate and comparable to each other?

Yes, this is key in our "apples for apples" tender process. We offer a unique, tried and tested design & tender system.
We work with you to select every component of the new home before tender, so the home we're tendering is truly yours. All builders will then price on exactly the same set of plans and specification. All quotes are presented on the same YNH documentation.

This is done not only for simplicity but also ensures that all builders are pricing the exact same quantities, specification, inclusions and removes any confusion.

This approach produces outstanding results for our clients.

Will the quality differ?

Your Next Home currently has a panel of more than 35 builders who have been vetted and carefully selected after rigorous investigation of their capabilities, past work and stability. All builders invited to quote are HIA & Master Builder registered. Should you wish to nominate a builder of your own, they will have to meet our strict criteria. You will be able to visit current and previous sites of any builder and to talk directly with the client about their performance. In short every YNH builder knows the complete satisfaction of the current client, is the only way to win another YNH project! Finally - To ensure success YNH will visit your site at every payment stage to certify the work is according to code and plan.

Which builders do you tender to?

YNH builders range from larger builders constructing more than 250 homes per year, down to small boutique and higher-end custom builders. The beauty of our service is that the final choice of builder is entirely yours and you are welcome to nominate companies of your own.

We don't tender to Volume builders (i.e - Metricon) as they don't work off designs that aren't done by their own company and isn’t the the type of market we offer our services to.

Our clients will be asked for preferences, to help identify the type of builder most suited to each project. All selected builders will be required to meet our stringent quality and service criteria.

The tender panel will be selected based on your needs, each builder’s capability for the project and their ability to meet your budget. YNH will make expert recommendations, to help you decide on which builder to use, but again, the ultimate choice is yours.

Will I own Copyright to my design?

Yes you own the Copyright to your design. This is an integral part of our process to ensure absolute fairness to our clients. During the pre-construction phase of the project, YNH & the client will own a shared copyright to all documentation. As soon as your project begins with your selected YNH builder, the copyright will be 100% yours. The most important thing to remember using YNH means the builder does NOT at any time own the copyright and thus can't lock you into building with their company. This is a common problem experienced by going direct to a builder who offers to come up with a free design or use a pre-existing plan. You won't be able to get a qoute elsewhere and as we all know; No competition = Overpriced Rates. The only way to GUARANTEE you receive the best price possible for your new home is to be able to have other builders quote and compete against each other. Use our unique design and tender service where THE CLIENT has THE UPPER HAND (finally)!

How do I know I will get Planning Approval?

At the end of the day, council members are people too. We have never had a permit knocked back or failed to achieve DA. Our team has over 20-years of townplanning and design experience. You will work one on one with an in house residential designer, who will be responsible for compliance and submission to shire. They will liaise with planning officer and client to gain approvals. Our team are all fully conversant with codes and shire conditions and should it be required, we have access to senior town planning advice on demand at no additional cost.

We will work diligently to ensure that the approval process is as painless and as swift as possible - Don't stress, we handle this usual headache for you!

How much will your service cost me?

In short, it doesn't cost you (the client) anything. We get paid a fee from the builder that you decide to go with.

Perhaps, a better question would be how much EXTRA would you be paying without YNH? The answer to that question is around 5.1%

Our network, reputation and immense buying power means that inclusive of our fee, paid by the builder, the prices you will pay are unattainable! In short by using YNH you will save, big time.
If you have existing plans and documentation ready to go - Great! We can begin the tendering process and find you the right builder straight away.

Otherwise, YNH can provide you a quote to organize all the items required for DA and then tender your plans to our network of builders. We're typically half the price of an architect to look after all design, consultants, documentation and town planning.

If you prefer to use your own Architects or Drafting Firm - No worries!

We can look after you for the tendering phase only.

Can you tender my existing plan?

We would love to chat with you about our tender only service. We GUARANTEE to beat any written quote that the client has received themselves or YNH will not receive a fee. To begin we will analyze any current quotes you have attained or assist you to complete that process. Your Next Home will then prepare a detailed specification comparable to your current quotes. Once ready for tender your plans and spec will be sent to our network of builders. All builders will then price on exactly the same plan and specification and all quotes are presented on the same YNH documentation.

If you decide to go ahead with one of the builders, then we're all winners!

What are the next steps to get started?

Depending on where you're at with your project. The next steps are either to begin the design process or if you have existing plans, we go straight to the building tender.

Schedule a call here and we'll help you out!

Can you tender for Renovations or Extensions?

Yes, we do! Your Next Home offers a home renovation and home extension service starting from $150,000.00. Want to revamp or extend your own home the easy way? Then let our brilliant design team take care of everything. Meet at our showroom to discuss inclusions and accurate figures for every aspect of your home. Our interior designer will then discuss your ideas and wish list and with your valuable input he will build up a comprehensive design brief. We will prepare and present your obligation free concept floor plan, carefully explaining the design & discussing any changes you may wish to make. We know you will be impressed and ready to engage the services of YNH to find the perfect builder at the best price!

I want to do a development or subdivide, can you help?

Your Next Home offer a detailed feasibility study to advise you on costs and benefits of doing a development or subdivision project. We will take into account your budget, the area and what the market is looking for. YNH will provide subdivision layouts and concept designs. Our development service includes:

  • Unlimited Design Revisions (or send us your existing plans)
  • Town Planning
  • DA
  • Working Drawings
  • Tendering
  • Building Inspections
Your Next Home will provide the most cost effective way to develop in Australia! YNH take care of absolutely everything. If you wish to move forward after the design concept, we will organize the rest of the pre-construction items and only get paid at the end of the process by the builder who wins your job.


Step 1

YNH prepares an initial design brief that takes into account sizing, budget, and your individual desires.

We work with a number of design partners and will connect you with the most suited for your project.

They will now become part of the project team. YNH and the designer will work in tandem to deliver your requirements.

Note: If you already have existing plans and permits, or would prefer to use your own designer; then we go straight to the pre-tender phase (Step 3).




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