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Our unique tender and cost planning process ensures that you get the best possible value on your project while making the entire building journey transparent and stress-free.

By working with an exclusive network of builders, whom we trust and have built for our clients before - we remove the risks and uncertainty out of selecting the right builder for your project.

The 3-Step Process

With Over 80% Of Architectural Projects Never Getting Built - Our Service Ensures That Yours Does.

Construction Plans

Step 1: Discussing Your Project

Do you have existing plans?

If Yes -  YNH will provide you with a quick estimate to let you know what we can approximately get the project built for. If it falls within your budget, we move to Step 2.

If you don't have plans or permits, YNH can organize all the preliminary design and pre-construction documentation for you. 

The goal at this stage is to identify whether the project can be built within your budget or not.

If we believe the budget is too tight, or the design and specifications don't work - we can value manage and redesign the build.

We have helped past clients reduce build costs by up to 20% through value engineering. 

Who is YNH for?

Typically, our clients are looking to build projects within the $500K - $7.5M range.

Architectural Modelling

Step 2: Cost Planning & Design

If our initial estimate is within your budget, we will begin preparing your tender package for distribution to our builders.


We will also do our own Bill of Quantities estimate - an extremely detailed cost plan breaking down all elements of the build to minute detail.


Using our proprietary estimating model, we get a clear picture of the construction costs before going to tender. This is a full take-off similar to what builders do and takes 5-10 working days to complete.


We do the leg work up front in order to avoid major issues down the track. 

This process allows us to sit down together and make educated decisions about your project.

Such as - what to include and exclude, finishes we can optimise, certain items we can quote from our various suppliers and contacts to bring costs down.   

The estimating and cost planning phase of projects is the most important - we give it the thought and attention it deserves. 

See a past cost plan here


In Meeting

Step 3: Building Tender

Once all the design, specifications, and pre-construction items are completed, we can move forward to tendering.

At this point - You're happy with the cost plan and expected price of construction and the build has all the inclusions and finishes you desire.

It's now time to hand-pick the builders to tender on your project.

We ensure all quotes are apples for apples and that you get the best value to build, guaranteed.


We then help you decide which builder to choose and assist with contracts and negotiations. However, the final decision is all yours. 


Whomever YOU choose remunerates YNH out of their margin. Simple.

If any issues arise with the builder - we are there to mediate disputes and ensure everything stays on track.

Some Projects

We specialize in higher-end homes & developments. 


Step 1

YNH prepares an initial design brief that takes into account sizing, budget, and your individual desires.

We work with a number of design partners and will connect you with the most suited for your project.

They will now become part of the project team. YNH and the designer will work in tandem to deliver your requirements.

Note: If you already have existing plans and permits, or would prefer to use your own designer; then we go straight to the pre-tender phase (Step 3).


Some Projects

How it works

A detailed customer journey.

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Val J.

"YNH was really helpful and great to work with.

They got us a great builder who was more competitive than what we were originally quoted. Most importantly our home and project were completed to a high standard. We're very pleased with the service. I'm happy for you to use me as a reference."


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Kristen D.

"Your Next Home has well and truly exceeded all of our expectations. The initial design process was easy, we felt very comfortable expressing our design ideas and were extremely happy with the final concept. Colin went above and beyond during the tender process, we were kept well informed and were really happy with the quotes we got."


Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 8.50.00 pm.png

James L.

"Thank you for all your hard work guys! Our dream home is shaping up as something exciting and it is progressing very well. 

One thing we have been really happy with is that so far all the builder's and tradies have not only been experts in their craft but are really good blokes."

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About Us

Your Next Home has become Victoria's preferred construction service for custom homes and developments. 

 Having successfully estimated and tendered for so many of our amazing clients, we understand the immense value our service adds. 


Our portfolio includes amazing custom-designed homes, high-end multi-level homes, renovations, extensions, seaside holiday homes, mixed-use, and residential developments.

You can expect the utmost excellence in our customer service, our commitment to getting you the best deal, and the right contractor for your project, whilst guiding you through every step. We want you to feel confident and relaxed in a typically stressful process.  


In addition, YNH is located in Richmond, VIC with easy access to transport links making customer meetings easy to achieve throughout the week. 

We would love to catch up and discuss how we can help with your project too.