How Do I Pick The Right Builder For My Home?

Updated: May 19, 2020

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Owning a home is a big decision. It’s right up there with choosing a life partner and starting a family.

And if you want every detail of your home to be the way you want, building it is the way to go.

This decision doesn’t come without risk (but which choice normally does). Your Next Home understands this and aims to make a monumental life decision a little less scary and a little more exciting.

Let’s start at the beginning…

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How to choose the right builder for your home:

1. Determine the Style of Home You Want

The best thing about building a home instead of buying is that it’s entirely up to you how every nook and cranny should look.

A custom design allows you to bring your architectural vision to life. Filling in missing details with similar aesthetics in line with your preferences.

This is an important consideration. You need to go provide as much detail as you can regarding the materials and finishes, the external facade' & any important features you're after. I.e - swimming pools.

Need a home plan? Schedule a call with Your Next Home now.

Once you settle on how exactly you want your home to look like, it’s time to…

2. Research Potential Builders for Your Ideal Home

Quick! In a word, what comes to your mind when you hear the word “research”?

You guessed it- the internet.

It’s your one-stop shop when researching potential builders for your home.

Here’s the checklist for researching builder’s online:

#1- Must-Have an Active Online Presence

Type the home builders name in your search engine.

  • How much general information is available?

  • Is their website easy to navigate?

  • Can you find their contact information on their website?

  • How active are their social media channels?

#2- Must-Have Customer Testimonials

Anyone can say they’re good at something when the potential to make a big fat dollarydoo is on the line.

But to actually back the talk with hard evidence, that’s the kicker.

Customer testimonials are the “actions” that make you believe the salesman's “words”- in this case, their services and credibility.

Check out the builder's testimonials on their website. Find out what customers are saying about the quality of service on Google Reviews, Facebook, and other online platforms.

#3: Must-Have a Variety of Photos & Past Work

A good builder is proud of their work. Taking every opportunity to take photos and show off.

Look for photos of both the interior and exterior on the website as well as social media accounts. Hot tip: Get them to e-mail you recent projects as well!

Home builders may also have visual representations of floor plans to help you pick the perfect design for your home.

3. Set up Interviews With Potential Builders

After settling on a design and researching potential builders, you finally have a list of possible candidates.

What’s next?

Reach out to people on your list and schedule a call. Pay extra attention to how your builder answers your questions.

You’ll be working with them for at least 6 months, so it’s a good idea to choose someone who welcomes questions and gives you a feeling that you can have a solid working relationship with them.

It’s even better if they answer questions you haven’t even thought of!

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Choosing the right home builder determines how smoothly the construction process goes.

With the right builder, you’ll avoid the all too familiar dreaded story of delays, cost fluctuations, and failure to pass inspections.

You’ll get your dream home and have an enjoyable, smooth, and fulfilling experience constructing it.

Have a question on building your home? Schedule a FREE consultation here.

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