How Top Developers Are Increasing Their Profit Margins Using This Straight-Forward Service

Your Next Home Services To Boast Developers Profits
How Top Developers Are Increasing Their Profits Using Your Next Home's Straight-Forward Service

The single biggest challenge facing Australian developers is finding feasible sites with good returns. A situation that’s only getting more difficult as there is less and less stock becoming available.

Market uncertainty has made investors more cautious. Lenders are keeping a firm grip on borrowing and potential home-buyers are abandoning plans to purchase houses altogether.

The property market is getting tricker. And making good returns a little harder.

It also doesn’t help that vendors still have unrealistic price expectations. Such that even when the resale market drops 20 per cent, vendors are reluctant to lower prices by 50 per cent. Which is how feasibility works.

Developers have had to fit in more property on smaller plots to turn in a healthy profit- which only works in the short term.

YNH has tailored its services to create a more long term solution.

Here’s what developers can expect:

Organize all your drawings, consultants, and permits for less than half the price of any architecture firm.

We use our industry relationships and in-house team to get your project to construction-ready stage swiftly and cost-effectively.

We only make our money when the project gets built. It's in our best interest for the builder to get to work! On average, we can take you from concept design all the way through to building permit stage for a fixed price, on average it costs our developer clients between $19,000.00 - $24,000.00. On average, an architecture firm would charge you 7-10% of the project value. THAT"S INSANITY! Imagine 10% of your $2.5M dollar development is getting paid out to design and project management fees - No thanks.

Complimentary Services to Help Your Development Achieve its Full Potential

  • Development Advice & Market Research

Our highly skilled team will offer advice on what to build and how to maximize returns from your project.

You won’t believe how often developers buy land without knowing the full potential of the project. We will conduct a preliminary plan complete with soil reports, surveys, finishes, concept plans, architectural feasibility, and selections.

YNH can do all this for you, allowing you to be hands-off during the early stages of development.

The best part: Prelims give you the chance to work with a building company BEFORE investing huge sums of money for the actual construction work.

  • Development Designs GUARANTEED To Fit The Budget

We know exactly how much things cost to build. So many times we get architects handing us plans that are impossible to build for the developers budget, and makes the project complete unfeasible.

We see Brighton or South Yarra designs being drawn up for Broadmeadows.

Which just doesn’t work.

Our network and reputation allow us to get you the best consultants without going over budget.

YNH sticks to your numbers.

Working with designers to determine the best building layout that fits your budget.

  • YNH Offers Early Stage Estimations

We'll calculate how much your project will cost to build. Based on the 'wholesale' rates we get from our network before you cement any final plans.

We want to enable flexibility and make any changes before plans are submitted for DA to ensure the developer profits.

Want a preliminary report for your project? Schedule a call with YNH.

Finding You The Right Builder At The Best Possible Price

The only way to GUARANTEE you’re getting the best building price for your project is to have builders work against each other to give you the best quote.

That’s why YNH has a panel of pre-qualified builders ranging from multi-billion dollar companies to the higher-end boutique builders. All of whom are investigated and chosen because of past work, stability, and capabilities.

YNH manages the tender process and we make all our builders quote on the exact same documentation and specification to ensure all prices are apples for apples. The best value builder will always win the job.

Which works in you (the developer’s) favour.

The discounted rates and lower building margins (with no loss in quality or specification) becomes instant cash that flows straight into your pocket.

Same Home - Same Spec- Same paperwork - YNH clients PAY LESS & RECEIVE MORE.

Want to start building? Give us a call on +61 422 574 661.

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